Do ye like motor racin'? If aye, then Grand Prix Racin' Online be th' game fer ye!

Manage yer grand prix team t' success by buildin' good cars, developin' good race strategies, hirin' th' starboard drivers an' staff an' plannin' fer th' future. But all must be done within th' limits o' yer financial an' worktime budget an' wi' th' fierce competition breathin' down yer neck!

Be goin' on account » What be GPRO?

Welcome aboard t' GPRO!

GPRO is a long term strategic motorsport management game, where good planning and strategy are the key to success, therefore it should not be taken lightly even when starting out.

Before you start your journey as a Rookie racing manager, you might want to consider taking a look at the tutorials first. To help you with the preparation with your first race, we recommend taking the Quick Tutorial below which will guide you through the sections of the main office, practice, qualification and race setup and strategy.

(takes around 10 minutes to complete)

Tutorial Complete

Congratulations on completing the quick game tutorial. Although you have covered the basics, the game is still very complex and challenging.

Almost every management screen is equipped with its own tutorial which can be started through the icon at the top right in the notification area.

We wish you best of luck on and off the track.

Have fun playing!

Next boat race: Voyage 71, Race 16: MalaysiaSepang GP 'n:

Ye missed it!

O'erview o' feat'res

Be watchin' e'ery Tuesday 'n Friday 't 20:00 CET t' be watchin' th' racin' unfold LIVE! Will yer plannin' make yer th' victor, o' yer be crashin' t' th' rocks? Findin' out 'n be blabb'rin' t' yer rival captains.....

Be searchin' th' helmsman fer hirin', lookin' fer th' next champ'on, someone who can be jumpin' straight 'n 'n be givin' yer results - o' maybe be schoolin' the' t' be makin' the' th' next great'st champ'on

Be makin' yer ship bett'r, be schoolin' yer helmsman 'n crew, 'n buyin' bett'r docks - all th' while yer nned t' be workin' wit' a limit'd numb'r o' doubloons 'n be avoidin' owin' doubloons tha' may be ruinin' yer challenge...

Analysin' yer results, rum usage, 'n oar wear, all be helpin' t' be plannin' yer future racin' bett'r 'n wit' yer visits t' port, 'n all thi' may be changin' yer fro' a place o' th' plinth t' a racin' victor!

Be pickin' one o' o'er 100 ships colours, eith'r free o' fro' those fer the' tha' be payin' dues - o' maybe yer wants t' be makin' yer own ships colours eith'r jus' fer yer, o' fer yer armada!

Be reachin' Amateur squadrons, 'n yer can be launchin' yer own armada! Be gettin' captains t' be signin' wit' yer, makin' yer own ships colours, 'n be tryin' t' be victor o' th' armada rankin's o' flagon!

Swift boardin'

Do ye be forgettin' yer secret word?

Quick GPRO numb'rs:

Cap'ns 'ere now: 4661
Tot'l captains: 912754
Carousin' cap'ns: 11481
Tot'l Home Ports: 136
be captains 'n waitin': 0